How it works


Your career advances when people can see you. What you do, what your values are and what you have already achieved.

HOW is a platform that increases your visibility as a member of the global LGBT+ inclusion community. You may be LGBT yourself or an ally of inclusion. HOW is built for you.

Your profile can be set to be as visible as you want.

You can search members to find others to connect with from your role, your region, another country, your own company or your next company. The choice is yours.

HOW lets you share content, comment, search, connect and network with others.

LGBT+ people prefer to work for LGBT+ welcoming employers. LGBT+ Allies wonder whether their employer is doing their best to create welcoming workplaces.

How to find better LGBT+ inclusive employers has traditionally been difficult. Until now. HOW gives you a world of resources and employee reviews about how well employers deliver LGBT+ inclusion.

You can use your name to leave your own reviews on employers – or do so anonymously.

You can showcase your achievements to the world in your own profile page – and you can also become a member of HOW without having to be ‘out’ at all.


There are lots of reasons why LGBT+ people and Allies would like to know more about current and future employers.

Whatever your reason, we know how important it is that your employer makes LGBT+ inclusion a lived, day-to-day reality.

HOW.LGBT delivers reviews, employer rankings, insights, resources and contacts to raise global LGBT+ inclusion to new heights.

You choose at every stage whether you want to be ‘out’ or not when you leave an employer review.

You may even prefer to have your own public profile set to ‘Prefer not to be out’. We understand – and this is perfectly fine. With HOW you are in control of what information you share.

If you ever see something in the platform you think is not right, you have an easy one-click way to make it known to HOW’s site administrators.



You gain insights into key LGBT+ inclusion topics, including:

• How to set-up an ERG
• How to motivate Middle Level Managers
• How to deal with anti-LGBT comments at work
• How to build a network of LGBT+ Allies
• How LGBT+ inclusion data can change global workplaces
• + more.

You will not receive spam. We never sell our list of members or share your private information with anyone.
Getting access to all HOW’s benefits is easy. And free.


You can review your current and past employers and learn from others how well your future employer treats LGBT+ people and allies.


Search for other How members – and make contact with them.

All this – and more – is ready for you as you navigate the path to better LGBT+ inclusion outcomes.

Welcome to HOW