Out Now Company

Out Now is a global LGBT+ insights specialist.

Describe the attitude of the business towards LGBT+ inclusion
Inclusion of LGBT people is not a policy statement at Out Now – it is the very core of our enterprise.
Out Now’s corporate mantra – ‘LGBT spells people’ – recognises that what matters most to LGBT people is not marketing, research or PR, but actual understanding and solutions that help assist LGBT people to live better lives enjoying equal standing and respect – all over the world.

Would you like to describe any specific pro-LGBT+ activities undertaken by the business ?
All our work, over 30 years, is about working with clients to make sure that LGBT+ people’s lives are improved, no matter where in the world they live. This includes LGBT+ people as well as supporting and strengthening their family members, work colleagues and friends – the millions of people who are known as ‘LGBT allies’.
We know that better integration of LGBT+ people, as measured in equality of respect for LGBT+ people – as customers, as colleagues and as members of society – creates better societies, which benefits all people.

Our business
There is a single word that drives everything Out Now does: people. We see ourselves as a people business.
Our corporate motto is ‘LGBT spells people’.
Everything we do is focused on discovering and implementing ways to improve LGBT+ people’s lives, no matter where they work in the world. We deliver insights and actions that enable our clients to understand – and meet – the needs of LGBT+ people – and the millions of allies who support them, as customers, as employees and as members of society.

Our work
Since 1992, the firm has worked with leading organisations across the world with a singular focus: applying insights to improve the lives of LGBT+ people, no matter where they live.
With a constant focus on improving LGBT lives, the business is the best in the world at specialised LGBT insights in the areas of: research, strategy development and implementation, communications design and activation, training and education as well as personal and business networking.
The satisfaction gained from being the best in the world at what you choose to specialise in is a consistent motivating factor that enables Out Now to advance and strengthen its global leadership in the field of LGBT+ insights.

Our values
The mantra ‘LGBT spells people’ guides all our work at Out Now.
The highest priority is placed on respect for LGBT people. Out Now ensures that its approach to data collection and privacy considerations for members of its LGBT research panel exceeds minimum legal requirements.
Our role is described by a Director of the World Bank like this: “Out Now’s work is innovative in combining commercial, consumer and public opinion and attitude surveys…, such work can help foster the inclusion and improve the lives of LGBTI people, and ultimately contribute to building better societies, for all people, everywhere.”
By always assessing what we do by examining its potential to make LGBT people’s lives better, we have succeeded in advancing LGBT inclusion for three decades, around the world.

Our history
Established as Significant Others in 1992 by our Founder, Ian Johnson, Out Now was already making impacts throughout the 1990s in Australia when the business became the first of its kind to step outside its home country by expanding into Europe with the establishment of Out Now in Amsterdam in 2001.
Since then the firm has worked for many of the world’s leading brands with clients ranging from IBM to Toyota, Merck Sharp & Dohme to Lloyds Banking Group, Johnson & Johnson to Marriott and German National Tourist Office to VisitBritain.
This LGBT inclusion and development work has now been delivered for clients in all six inhabited continents, in more than two dozen countries, right across the world.
Our Founder is recognised in the ’Top 10 Diversity Consultants’ in the Global Diversity List, supported by The Economist – and the firm remains today the leader in its field as the global LGBT insights specialist.

Our people
The success of Out Now is due to the shared vision of our talented team of consultants.
Living across the world, the Out Now team is made up of dedicated people with the same values that make Out Now such a unique values-based success story.
All our consultant team excel in their work. From Michael in New York to Susann in London, Malcolm in Australia to Loris in Sao Paulo, from Ian in Italy to Andres in Guadalajara, Mathieu in Indonesia to Ian in Paris; we are each of us dedicated to making LGBT+ people’s lives better – and it is this fact which makes working at Out Now a unique and satisfying joy.

Our future
Key to success at Out Now is another oft repeated statement: ‘we are the best in the world at what we do – and next year we’ll be even better’.
Our continuing commitment to advancement is driven by a constant focus on improvement of excellence, which we bring to our business and to all our work. Most of all, we know that we – and our clients – succeed by always focusing on meeting the needs of LGBT people – as employees, as customers and as members of societies, right across the world. In the three decades we have worked on this, so much has been achieved – yet much more remains still to be done. Our vision to empower the building of this better future remains: ‘LGBT spells people’.

Website: www.outnowconsulting.com