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Out Now - Founder and CEO - Head Office, Paris, France

Out Now is dedicated to our corporate philosophy: 'LGBT spells people'. By always focusing on the needs of LGBT+ people and the many who support them, we continue to work to enhance LGBT+ people's lives, no matter where they live.

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Positive Aspects

This is a job I dreamed of and made real back in 1992 when I left my job as a lawyer and started in Australia, to see if there were opportunities to connect the LGBT+ communities I love and am a part of with the corporate sector, to make lives better in every direction. This experience has been rewarding beyond my wildest dreams and I am so pleased to have had the many opportunities I have had to help make LGBT+ lives more visible, more known and more respected.

Negative Aspects

The main ones are the same as for any employee I think - deadlines, perhaps not always being able to have things move as fast as you would like and so forth.

From - To

01/1992 - Now

As an employer for LGBT people
Easy to be out as LGBT
LGBT Allies support
Senior management supports LGBT
Career opportunities
Financial and other benefits
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